Thursday, January 24, 2013

Minarchism Always Becomes Maxarchism

Minarchism Always Becomes Maxarchism
by Bevin Chu
Taipei, China
January 24, 2013

“The end state of every government is tyranny!”
-- John Stovall

Or as The China Desk has noted on various occasions:

“Minarchism always becomes maxarchism.”

“Limited government always becomes unlimited government.”

“The difference between limited government and totalitarianism, is the difference between the caterpillar and the moth.”

“Limited government is merely totalitarianism in its embryonic stage.”

“Limited government is merely the larval stage of totalitarianism.”


"The freest minarchies become the most vicious tyrannies."  
-- methlyamine

"Limited government is like limited cancer."
-- MoT

"Democracy is the apotheosis of institutionalized slavery."
-- d.c. sunsets


  1. I agree with you that minarchists are really just statists. But encouraging the unreachable to become less obstructive and effective statists can still be a strategic gain.

    Let's say a true principled nap adherent anarchist scores at +5 while a authoritarian who demands 100% fiscal confiscation of individual wealth and 100% social compliance scores -5.

    Imagine you have 10 people shipwreck on an island. Their philosophies are -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 1 2 3 4 5 respectively, you being the +5. Human nature leads one to first convert the 4 to a 5. And next, to convert the 3 to a 5 and so on.

    Under praxeology, there is always the concurrent actions to consider. All the while you have been at work, concurrently, the -5 has decide to mellow into a -3 to appear more reasonable to the others. While you convert one or two, he manages to get the -2, -1, 1 & 2 to join him as -3s.

    Now, you learn far too late, you have been checkmated. An oppressive medium strength authoritarianism has come to rule the island, you will not be permitted to "do your own thing" and you face a life of oppressive regimentation and restriction of being an "active man" able to do what's best for your life.

    If you count minarchism as being -1, you can see how converting the most conservative -5 to minarchism would tilt the political structure into one favoring anarchy, if you can't stomach talking to him. From there, proceed to the -4 and more open minded people.

    Even If you find overtly violent and restrictive -5 and -4 taboo, which is understandable, there is still nothing wrong with persuading the -3 to be a -2 and the -2 to be a -1, in addition to making the anarchists more strongly principled NAP believers.

    That's my two cents anyway. It oftentimes might be critical to your own freedom to adopt some version of this minarchist "heresy", your very life may depend upon it.

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    The Stars are not Envious!

    The righteous are compared to the stars. For, as the stars (each one of which could burn up this whole world) shine in glory, and never clash together, and are never jealous of one another, but all go on in their appointed courses, dispensing light, so the righteous are at peace with each other, and are glad when others shine. Therefore let us pray that all may become righteous, and then, as there is peace in the heavens, so shall there be peace among the world.

    1. Dear Tor,

      I don't disagree.

      I posted the thesis in its bare form for dramatic effect.

      In practical politics, I am not averse to supporting minarchism. For example, like Lew Rockwell, I continue to support Ron Paul's brand of minarchism.

      Your caveats are duly noted!