Sunday, June 23, 1991

Akira Kurosawa's Rhapsody in August

Akira Kurosawa's Rhapsody in August
Bevin Chu
June 22, 1991

Calendar Letters
Los Angeles Times
Times Mirror Square
Los Angeles CA 90053

Dear Editor:

Director Akira Kurosawa (Calendar June 23, Conversation with Gabriel Garcia Marquez) in referring to "Rhapsody in August," set in Nagasaki, proclaimed:

"I have not filmed shockingly realistic scenes which would prove tobe unbearable... I remember the day... clearly, and evennow I still can't believe that it could have happened inthe real world. But the worst part of it is that the Japanese people have cast it into oblivion."

Ironically, his words indicting America for using the atomic bomb against Japan could easily refer to a well-documented but seldom mentioned act of genocide committed by the Japanese Army against China. Historian Paul Johnson writes in "Modern Times, The World from the Twenties to the Eighties":

"The Chinese capital, Nanking, fell in December 1937. For four weeks the streets of the city were given over to one of the largest-scale massacres in history. Men, women and children, said an eyewitness, 'were hunted like rabbits. Everyone seen to move was shot.' Some 20,000 male Chinese civilians of military age were marched out into the countryside and killed by bayoneting and machineguns, foreshadowing the Soviet massacres of the Poles in 1941 at Katyn and elsewhere. The killings went on until 6 Feb, 1938, and by then between 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese were dead. Even an official Nazi embassy report described the scenes as 'the work of bestial machinery'. The atrocities got wide coverage in world newspapers. The Emperor and the civilians in the cabinet claimed later that they knew nothing of these events until after the war."

Akira Kurosawa had the chutzpah to declare:

"at the very least, the country that dropped the bomb should apologize to the Japanese people. Until that happens this drama will not be over."

As a Chinese-American born in Nanking permit me to respond:

"At the very least, the country that massacred a quarter of a million civilians should apologize to the Chinese people."

Filmmaker Kurosawa could launch this enterprise by producing and directing a trilogy acknowledging Japan's culpability in World War II, starting with "Nanking," followed by "Pearl Harbor" and concluding with "Bataan." Were he to do so, I for one would not object to the inclusion of "shockingly realistic scenes which would prove to be unbearable."

Yours Truly,

Bevin Chu
Santa Monica, CA

Thursday, May 09, 1991

Pat Buchanan vs. Sarah Brady

Pat Buchanan vs. Sarah Brady
Bevin Chu
May 08, 1991

Mr. Patrick Buchanan
c/o CNN
Box 740166
Atlanta, GA

Dear Mr. Buchanan:

Thank you for speaking out on "Crossfire" against the Brady Bill.

Your opponent Michael Kinsley kept demanding of you and Mr. Heston: "What would be the harm of asking [sic] people to wait seven days before they could get their hands on a handgun?" Perhaps Mr. Kinsley can better appreciate gun owners' "hysterical opposition" if one answers his question with another question: `What would be the harm of "asking" people to wait seven days before they could see and hear news stories?'

Applying the logic of Brady Bill advocates, local police chiefs such as Daryl Gates would evaluate footage of say, the Rodney King beating for its potential to "undermine public order." (Perhaps even conduct background checks on potential purchasers of video camcorders. Black troublemaker Al Sharpton need not apply.) Hot-headed, crusading news editors would have the benefit of a week long "cooling off" period to reconsider the wisdom of their editorial choices. In Congressman AuCoin's words, "a day wait, a modest inconvenience."

Perhaps Tipper Gore would evaluate problematic films prior to theatrical release, films such as Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," which according to John Hinckley's own testimony inspired him to fire the shots which struck James Brady.

If expediency and pragmatism are the criteria by which legislation is to be evaluated, why not censor films, books, and print and broadcast media in order to prevent future criminal acts, the First Amendment be damned?

Congressman AuCoin remarked that when it came to gun control the NRA has always favored "nothing at all," as if that fact invalidated the legitimacy of their Second Amendment concerns. Since the ACLU has always favored "nothing at all" in reference to infringements of the First Amendment, that presumably invalidates their concerns as well.

James Madison, who framed the First Amendment said:

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the citizens of other countries which are afraid to trust the people with arms."

Do you suppose he knew something about the underlying principle of individual rights that Connie Chung, Peter Jennings, Sarah Brady and Congressman Les AuCoin don't?

Yours Truly,

Bevin Chu
Santa Monica, CA

Tuesday, January 01, 1991


Welcome to The China Desk [], created and maintained by Bevin Chu, an American architect and author currently living and working in Taipei and Shanghai.

CIA World Factbook Map of China

The China Desk offers hard-hitting, no punches pulled commentary on the often stormy Divided China Problem, from an uncompromisingly laissez-faire capitalist, anti-interventionist perspective.

China Desk articles have appeared at the wildly popular libertarian website,, where Chu is a columnist/commentator, at the China Post, where Chu is a contributing editor, at, the best known anti-war website on the Internet, at oOblue, the most popular Pan Blue website on Taiwan, and at Journey to the East, an exquisitely designed website introducing China to the English-speaking West. They have featured prominently at Yahoo! News Full Coverage portals, in Google News Alerts, and have even appeared in Pravda -- the post Cold War, post Communist Pravda, of course.

The China Desk receives tens of thousands of views per month.

China Desk articles on Sino-American relations have been cited by China scholars in American universities, have earned Bevin Chu invitations to speak before the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association, and live interviews on talk radio shows in Canada.

Articles explaining the non-threatening reality of post Cold War, post-Communist China to westerners have inspired character attacks against the author by the Falun Gong mouthpiece known as the Epoch Times.

Articles exposing the Dalai Lama's feet of clay and the true nature of the Tibetan independence movement meanwhile, have earned the Politically Incorrect author angry denunciations from the Dalai Lama's official website.

Chu is the son of the late Tsing-kang Chu, a high-ranking diplomat with the Republic of China government on Taiwan. Chu is the translator of the English language edition of "Taiwan at the Crossroads: An Expose of Taiwan's New Dictatorship," a landmark book by the celebrated native Taiwanese liberal reformer and political commentator, Joyce C. Huang (Huang Chi-hsien). "Taiwan at the Crossroads" is an eye-opening expose of the Taiwan independence movement that rips the "democratic" and "progressive" mask from the face of Taiwan independence and reveals it for what it is -- an authoritarian fascist political movement motivated by primitive ethnic hatred.

Taiwan at the Crossroads, An Expose of Taiwan's New Dictatorship
Written by Joyce C. Huang, edited by Tu Yang, translated by Bevin Chu, published by BAZACH, 2005, ISBN 986-81084-2-x


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My current favourite among Linux distros is Xubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support). It is very similar to Linux Mint 17 Xfce, but is actually superior in certain respects. One is the media player that it comes with -- Parole Media Player. Parole actually works more smoothly than the media players that come with Mint 17. No stuttering or crackling static when starting or stopping AVI, Matroska, and MP4 files of movies and TV shows.



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