Saturday, April 24, 1993

Environmentalist Chicken Littles

Environmentalist Chicken Littles
Bevin Chu
April 23, 1993

Letters Editor
444 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022

Dear Sir/Madam:

When I saw the heading "Stamping Out Dissent - Too often, unconventional or unpopular scientific views are simply suppressed" (April 26, 1993) I thought to myself:

So Newsweek's going to reveal how environmentalist Chicken Littles have indoctrinated everyone from Al Gore to Margret Thatcher with prophecies of ecological doom; how dissent from whistle-blowers who challenge the conventional wisdom regarding "global warming" is systematically suppressed by green-oriented advocacy journalists. Good for them!

Imagine my dismay when the article turned out to be yet another not so subtle attack against technological civilization. That it came thinly-veiled as a defense of intellectual dissent, invoking Copernicus and Darwin only added insult to injury.

Will anyone be deceived? I wish I could say no, but the rate at which radical environmentalism is filling the ideological vacuum left by Marxism's failure worldwide suggests otherwise.


Bevin Chu
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC