Thursday, June 20, 2002

Send in the Weekly Standard

Send in the Weekly Standard
The Screaming Pundits Assault Corps
Bevin Chu
June 20, 2002

Dear Mr. Sunderland,

Thanks for your dead on piece exposing the Weekly Standard's pusillanimous laptop bombardiers for what they are. These pathetic excuses for human beings brim over with macho posturing about unchallenged US military supremacy, but scuttle for cover like cockroaches when asked to pay a personal price for maintaining the same Benevolent Global Hegemony they themselves so stridently and self-righteously demand.

These Profiles in Courage are only too aware that rather than return from the front line physically intact like the invincible and invulnerable "action figures" portrayed by Sly and Ah-nuld, it is far more likely they would return with essential parts of their bodies missing, like wheelchair bound Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, as portrayed by Tom Cruise in "Born of the Fourth of July," assuming they haven't already returned home in body bags.

A person of integrity aware of the price tag attached to his "Walter Mitty plays John Rambo" fantasy would choose one of two alternatives. One, volunteer for combat. Two, champion world peace. Not these chicken hawks. They would deliberately and knowingly foist the personal cost of their dreams of military glory onto hapless strangers. Hell has no rung low enough or hot enough for their sort.


Bevin Chu
Taipei, Taiwan, China

Send in the Weekly Standard. The Screaming Pundits Assault Corps

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