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Backtalk! The Dalai Lama's Politics of Race

Backtalk! The Dalai Lama's Politics of Race
October 17, 1999

From Steven Small, regarding Bevin Chu's reply to Radomex
January 31, 2003

Bevin Chu writes: "Reject any political movement grounded in ethnic identity." Does this include the "independence movement" of the Chechens, as well?

Bevin Chu replies:

Libertarian political philosophy is a rigorously consistent philosophy based on individual free will. Any American who wishes to side with either Chechen separatists or Russian nationalists may do so on an individual, voluntary basis, the way many Americans did during the Spanish Civil War.

What libertarian political philosophy rejects is the notion that some Americans may compel others to bear the burden of wars they favor. If Mr. Small is morally outraged by some foreign political circumstance, he is entirely free to volunteer to fight for the side he favors. Either side.

This is true for any other foreign conflicts as well. Taiwan or Tibetan independence advocates who are US citizens are free to return to China and fight wars of secession if they choose. They have no right however to compel other Americans to support their causes with either their blood or their money.

From "Radomex", regarding The Dalai Lama's Politics of Race
January 27, 2003

I cannot help but be appalled at publishing such naked self-serving propaganda as Bevin Chu's number on the Dalai Lama.

Bevin (his name but an Anglophile affectation among the Western-veneered but in reality Imperial Beijing-worshipping Hong Kongers) has definitely not pulled any punches in blaming the victim. Trying to portray the Dalai Lama as a racist because he has issues with the alien Han hordes overrunning his erstwhile independent nation (Tibet) is typical of the vicious self-serving amorality at the core of Chinese character.

There were hardly 20,000 Han scattered all over Tibet before Mao (yet another Han imperialist masquerading as a Communist) invaded in 1950. China's claims on Tibet have always been questionable, but reinforced by typically duplicitous British diplomacy against Russia during the Great Game and later by the US letting its lapdog Chiang Kai Shek getting away with phony claims during World War II.

In the last 50 years since the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the demographics of Tibet has been forcibly changed by the Han scum intruders (there are now 4 million Han settlers in Tibet) who claim to be developing their backward Tibetan brothers!

Han Scum like Bevin Tcchu should first learn to wipe their own dirty bottoms before aspiring to teach the far more civilized Tibetans! Get the F__K out of Tibet and stick to your "high" culture of sucking Tiger Pen_s.

And please get an education to develop some rudimentary historical perspective.

Bevin Chu replies:

Anyone who has ever entertained any doubts whether Tibetan independence was "for real" owes it to himself or herself to read this letter from a real live Tibetan independence advocate. It speaks volumes about the heart and soul of the Tibetan independence movement, about the level of spiritual evolution actually attained by these humorless fanatics. Pay attention to the nuances of his words, but even more to to the energy behind them, to the seething ethnic hatred.

This is exactly what I have been struggling to expose all these years. One can almost feel the spittle from this sad individual splashing one in the face. This is the true face of Tibetan independence, not the benevolent smiles of "His Holiness" on Larry King Live.

Reject any political movement grounded in ethnic identity. Nation states do have a place in our world, but only as alternative social/economic/political systems based on individual values, not as macro versions of primitive tribes, with membership rooted in racial identity.

From Marissa Kessler, regarding The Dalai Lama's Politics of Race
January 23, 2003

I am not a Buddhist nor a stanch supporter of the Dalai Lama. I am just trying to gather unbiased information about the Tibet Question. You stated the the Dalai Lama was a racist. What factual basis do you have to make this assumption? I would enjoy being directed to actual statements or actions that would lead one to this assumption. I have read the Dalai Lama's web site and have found no mention of racism.

Would you also state that China was racist by trying to weed out Tibetan culture, religion and language form Tibet itself?

Also, in your article you mention military action taken by Tibet in 1951. Could you please direct my to the source you used to gather that information. All the sources that I have read indicate that the only action taken was in 1950. On October 7, 1950 the People's Liberation Army (PLA) marched to the border of Tibet. A short skirmish ensued in which the entire ten thousand person Tibetan Chamdo army was captured and dismantled by China. This allowed China to call on Tibet to sign the "Seventeen-Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" without allowing Tibet the strength to object. This show of force by China officially ended the Tibet Question until 1987. In this version on history, Tibet was trying to defend its borders from China with the goal of remaining sovereign.

In your opinion what is the answer to the Tibetan Question?

Thank you for you time.

Bevin Chu replies:

Let me answer Ms. Kessler indirectly by suggesting that she visit

Journey East

as well as

Pamela Logan's "Politically Incorrect"

The background information provided there addresses some if not all of Ms. Kessler's concerns.

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