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Chinese Communist Party, Return to the Motherland

Chinese Communist Party, Return to the Motherland
Comment and Translation by Bevin Chu
March 28, 2005

The following letter to the editor of the Chinese language United Daily News was penned by an ordinary citizen of the Republic of China living on Taiwan. The writer is so consistent in his logic, so unwavering in his position, and so forthright in his demands, one can only wonder why our Pan Blue "leaders" haven't demonstrated the same presence of mind, the same courage of conviction, and advanced the same compelling arguments. The letter is so worthwhile I have taken the time and energy to translate it into English, making it available to English speakers and Chinese Americans who can't read Chinese.

Pan Blue "leaders," either lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Chinese Communist Party, Return to the Motherland
by Shi Chia-hsin, merchant (Chiayi County)
March 26, 2005 United Daily News

The wise man dissolves opposition and crisis; The fool creates it.

The Chinese Communist Party's Anti-Secession Law is like a ten point earthquake. It has shaken the world, causing it to sway to and fro. It has even shaken loose the cancer of Taiwan independence from deep within the bones of the Democratic Progressive Party in the presidential palace. The DPP says it loves Taiwan, but in fact it has made Taiwan seriously ill, and exposed Taiwan to great danger.

After the Republic of China was founded, two major political parties appeared, the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party. Because their ideas about how to rule a nation were different, the Kuomintang felt compelled to exterminate the Chinese Communist Party, leading to the Chinese Civil War. Eventually the Chinese Communist Party split off from the Republic of China and founded an independent nation with its own name, its own national flag, and its own national anthem. It is said that the Chinese Communist Party's late President Mao Zedong acknowledged that this was a serious mistake.

The Anti-Secession Law, from the perspective of the government of the Republic of China, is highly advantageous. The Republic of China government can hitch a ride on the Anti-Secession Law and demand that the People's Republic of China return to the bosom of the motherland, the Republic of China. This means it must first acknowledge the existence of the Republic of China. Then the headache is not Taiwan's, but the Chinese Communist Party's.

順水推舟 - 要中共回歸祖國
2005/03/26 聯合報





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