Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oppose Separatism, Save Taiwan, Squash Chen Shui-bian!

Oppose Separatism, Save Taiwan, Squash Chen Shui-bian!
Press Release for The Alliance for the Reunification of China
English Translation by Bevin Chu
March 18, 2006

Chen Shui-bian's current "Terminate Unification" charade, (Terminate the National Unification Council, terminate the National Unification Guidelines), signals that he is taking another dangerous step towards his goal of dividing China.

His behavior is malicious, provocative, and destructive in the extreme. It inflicts grave harm on the people of China, including the Chinese people on Taiwan.

Since 1945, following Japan's surrender and Taiwan's retrocession to China, the territory on both sides of the Taiwan Strait has belonged to the Chinese people in common. A subsequent civil war between the Chinese Nationalists and the Chinese Communists has not altered China's sovereignty. This is the One China Principle recognized by the international community and by the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Beginning this year, Chen Shui-bian, after suffering a long string of setbacks, began upping the ante in his reckless game of "Terminate Unification, author a Constitution," displaying callous indifference to the express will of the people.

He did this to escape the ugly scandals in which he had become enmeshed, and to spare himself from the humiliating effects of having lost the respect of the people.

By willfully announcing the termination of the National Unification Council and the National Unification Guidelines, overturning his solemn "Five Noes" political pledge, repudiating the One China Principle, he has attempted to hijack and defraud the people of Taiwan.

We solemnly warn Chen Shui-bian: The people's desire for peace, their yearning for security, their pursuit of the ideal of national reunification, absolutely, positively will not be hijacked. China's reunification cannot be thwarted.

We also warn anti-Chinese elements within the US and Japan: The Taiwan problem is China's internal affair, a vestige of the Chinese Civil War. The solution to the Taiwan problem is an internal Chinese matter, one not subject to meddling by foreign powers.

We must also remind Taiwan's political parties: You have a responsibilty to history and to the people. You have a duty to remain steadfast in your pursuit of peaceful reunification, and to reject unhealthy dependence upon outside powers in your search for solutions.

The issues at hand are transcendent issues of right and wrong, on which weakness and impotence are not options. You must stand your ground as leaders of the Chinese nation. Only then can you rally the people to our common cause, and resolve the crisis provoked by Chen Shui-bian's irresponsible behavior.

反分裂、救台灣、 聲討陳水扁 聲明

陳水扁日前操弄的「終統」鬧劇 (終止國統會運作、終止國統綱領適用),標誌著他向分裂祖國的方向又跨出危險的一步。此項行為對於包括台灣人民在內的中國人民,是一極其惡意的挑釁與破壞,嚴重損害了中華民族的利益。














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