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Who Contributed Nothing to Taiwan's Democracy?

Who Contributed Nothing to Taiwan's Democracy?
Junior High Students say: Chen Shui-bian!
Bevin Chu
April 17, 2006

The News that Taiwan's Quisling Nomenklatura doesn't think You oughta see

"What is news? You know what news is? News is what you news directors interpret it as. News is what we at CNN interpret it as. The people of this country see the news that we think they oughta see."
-- Ted Turner, Founder of CNN

The Taipei Times and Taiwan News are English language mouthpieces for the Taiwan independence movement. These propaganda organs, masquerading as "newspapers," do their best to avoid reporting news that reflects badly on the Taiwan independence movement. When they do report such news, they do so only under duress, because they realize they won't be able to suppress international awareness of them. They then impart their own Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass spin on them, hoping, in political scientist Michael Parenti's words, "to reverse the roles of victims and victimizers, warmongers and peacekeepers, reactionaries and reformers."

In the case of Taiwan, one might well add, to reverse the roles of "contributors to and destroyers of democracy," or to be more precise, "contributors to and destroyers of constitutionalism and the rule of law."

Who Contributed Nothing?

The following April 15 news story was given wide coverage by the Chinese language print and electronic media on Taiwan. As of April 17, it still had not appeared in either the English language Taipei Times or English language Taiwan News. Given that two days have already gone by, it is doubtful that it ever will. It is news that Taiwan's Quisling nomenklatura doesn't think you oughta see.

2006/04/15 11:17


The headline above the illustration reads:

ET Today Newflash
Who contributed absolutely nothing to Taiwan's Democracy? Out of an entire class, most chose Chen Shui-bian.
2006/04/15 11:17

The illustration reads:

"Bizarre" Test Question. Taiwan's Democracy, Who Contributed Nothing?!

(A) Chiang Kai-shek; (B) Chiang Ching-kuo; (C) Lee Teng-hui; (D) Chen Shui-bian

The caption below the illustration reads:

A Taipei City junior high school history examination question asked: "Who contributed absolutely nothing to Taiwan's democracy? Chiang Kai-shek; Chiang Ching-kuo; Lee Teng-hui; Chen Shui-bian? Among these four choices, 30 students out of a class of 36 unexpectedly chose President Chen Shui-bian.

Here is one of those 30 test papers:

The exact wording of the question was: "During Taiwan's [sic] difficult and painful process of democratization, which president contributed absolutely nothing?"

Notice how the teacher "corrected" the student's answer, from "(D) Chen Shui-bian," to "(A) Chiang Kai-shek?"

Taiwan Independence Quislings' Long Term Plan to Indoctriate Chinese Youth

ROC legislator Diane Lee was sufficiently incensed by this flagrant historical revisionism to call a press conference exposing for it what it was: part of a long term plan to indoctrinate the Chinese people on Taiwan with a "Taiwanese, not Chinese" ethnic and national consciousness by demonizing "mainlanders" such as Chiang Kai-shek as "enemies of democracy" while deifying "native Taiwanese" such as Chen Shui-bian as "champions of democracy" and as "Taiwanese national heroes."

Repubic of China Legislator Diane Lee exposes Pan Green efforts to politically indoctrinate students

When students at the junior high school in question complained, saying they couldn't understand why the "correct" answer was "Chiang Kai-shek" and not "Chen Shui-bian," the teacher condescendingly "explained" that "Chen Shui-bian was the first president directly elected by the voters during a ruling party secession. Therefore he could not be said to have no contribution to Taiwan's democracy."

If you're laughing out loud at or scratching your head at her answer, you're not alone.

Diane Lee reminded Pan Green propagandists of a rather inconvenient fact. If Chiang Kai-shek had not led KMT troops to Taiwan and stubbornly held out against Mao Zedong, Taiwan would have been swallowed up by the Chinese Communist Party. Then how could Chen Shui-bian ever have been elected president?

President Elect Chen Shui-bian pays his respects to Chiang Kai-shek in 2000, three days after his inauguration

Impressionable Youth? Not!

For 18 years, nearly two decades, Taiwan independence Quislings Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian have been able to fool some of the people on Taiwan all of the time, and all of the people on Taiwan some of the time with their cynical and mendacious Taiwan independence historical revisionism.

Fortunately for the Chinese people on Taiwan, Abraham Lincoln was right: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

A confidential poll recently commissioned by the DPP, intended for "DPP Eyes Only," but leaked to what Pan Green spinmeisters denounce as the "tong pai mei ti" (pro reunification media), reveals that only 18% of the public approves of Chen Shui-bian as president and only 18% of the public approves of the DPP as the ruling party. Apart from this 18%, reflecting the 20% hardcore of Taiwan independence True Believers, few on Taiwan are deceived by Taiwan independence spin control anymore.

As the above mentioned April 15 news story reveals, even junior high students are too intelligent, too well-informed, to mindlessly swallow Taiwan independence Big Lies.

One student said "I felt that neither Chen Shui-bian nor Lee Teng-hui contributed anything, because there was nothing you could point to and say that they did."

Another student upon seeing this ideologically-motivated, flagrantly rhetorical question felt so disgusted he refused to answer it and left it blank.

Yet another student said "The question was crap. What has Chen Shui-bian ever contributed? Teachers shouldn't try to turn classrooms into political talkshows. Students should stand up and object."

On April 14, when one Taipei City Shi-lin High School student was asked which president contributed nothing to Taiwan's democracy, he replied without hesitation "Chen Shui-bian. Besides being elected president by a popular vote, I can't really see what contribution Chen has ever made to democracy." He thought the test question was "lousy," and said "It gave the impression of pressuring students to denounce certain designated political figures." He said everyones' values are different, so there shouldn't be any one answer.

A student named Sun said that if determining the official answer were up to him, he would choose Lee Teng-hui, because Lee Teng-hui was "nothing but an overpaid old geezer who constantly lectured everyone in the Hoklo dialect. What did he ever contribute to democracy?" As for the "official" claim that Chiang Kai-Shek contributed nothing to democracy, he asked "Who led ten attempts at revolution until he eventually succeeded?" He said such a subject was one that should be asked on a political talkshow, and was extremely inappropriate on a history exam. Their own history teacher would never include such a question on a history exam, nor presume to openly criticize any particular political party or any particular political figure.

A Taipei City Zhong Zheng High School student named Shi said that when she was in the sixth grade her music teacher was a Pan Green zealot. During class he would go on and on about how much the DPP contributed to Taiwan's democracy. When she complained "How can you talk about this in a music class? Is this really something you should be doing?", the teacher scolded her "How dare you speak to your teacher this way?", but didn't dare punish her.

Who contributed nothing to Taiwan's "democracy," such as it is?

Just ask any junior high school student on Taiwan. They'll give you a more honest and factual answer than Taiwan's Quisling nomenklatura.

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