Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Suspend the President, Investigate Wrongdoing

Suspend the President, Investigate Wrongdoing
Bevin Chu
September 06, 2006

Suspend the President, Investigate Wrongdoing
A Proclamation

For the past year, ever since Chen Shui-bian's "one wife, two secretaries, three teachers, and four families" were implicated in a string of corruption and bribery cases, society has been in turmoil. Since no one but the president has the authority to approve National Affairs Confidential Expenses, the National Affairs Confidential Expenses scandal has implicated Chen Shui-bian personally as well.

Recently, Shih Ming-teh initiated a "Million Man Movement to Depose Chen." Within one week, the movement received NT$100,000,000 (US$3,000,000) in contributions. Obviously the people want Chen to respond to the public and account for his role in this string of scandals.

And yet, despite majority skepticism with Chen Shui-bian's leadership, despite widespread social discontent, despite "Down with A-Bian" mass movements wherever one turns, Chen has had the temerity to run away, insisting that he is "engaging in foreign diplomacy and affirming the nation's sovereignty."

Based on the conduct and behavior of judicial and prosecutorial entities engaged in the investigation of the president and the first family over the past year, an overwhelming majority of citizens feel that as long as President Chen remains in office, judicial and prosecutorial entities will never be able to prosecute these cases fairly and impartially.

Thefore, the Democratic Action Alliance demands that Vice-president Annette Lu immediately suspend the president, assume his duties, and subject Chen Shui-bian to a judicial investigation.

If the result of a judicial investigation proves that Chen Shui-bian is innocent, he can be immediately reinstated.

If on the other hand Chen Shui-bian is found to be guilty, there would be no reason for him to remain in office. Vice-president Annette Lu would then be officially sworn in as president, in accordance with normal constitutional procedures.

The Democratic Action Alliance feels that this approach to breaking the current domestic political deadlock and avoiding a national crisis, is the most direct, is the least costly, and will have the fewest side effects.

Therefore the Democratic Action Alliance proclaims that:

1. Each of the opposition parties should immediately endorse the above recommendation

2. Vice-president Lu should, with the larger picture in mind, make clear her position prior to President Chen's return

3. The military should refrain from intervening in this process in any way, for any reason

4. Finally, the Democratic Progressive Party should decide whether it wishes to draw a clear line of distinction between itself and Chen Shui-bian, or whether it wishes to continue abetting first family corruption, only to be disowned by the public

At this watershed moment in history, the ruling and opposition parties must each assume responsibility for their decisions. If the ruling and opposition parties are unwilling to consider the larger picture, if they allow Chen Shui-bian's corrupt regime to continue defying the will of the people, they will pay a heavy political price. Vice-president Lu, ruling party leaders, and opposition party leaders, must all assume responsibility for their behavior.

The All People's Action Alliance to depose Chen Shui-bian
Chief Convener: Huang Kuang-kuo
Chief Executive: Chang Ya-chung

A Project of the Democratic Action Alliance

Translator: Bevin Chu

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