Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To [sic] Much Fuss over Party Favors

To [sic] Much Fuss over Party Favors
Bevin Chu
January 30, 2007

Taipei Times Editorial: "To [sic] much fuss over party favors"

"To [sic] much fuss over party favors" not a Typo

Taipei Times:
A lot has been said in the media over the last week about the son of Minister of Education Tu Cheng-sheng (杜正勝), Tu Ming-yi (杜明夷), after it was reported that he held a birthday party at a hostess bar while completing his military service.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the senior Tu was the real target of the pan-blue attacks because of his responsibility for the government's efforts to desinify the nation's education system.

Comment: Of course Tu senior is the real target of Pan Blue criticism of Tu junior. Why wouldn't he be? The Pan Blue voices who spoke out recently about Tu junior's nocturnal whoring never pretended he wasn't.

Tu senior is Minister of Education. According to defenders of democracy, pompous bureaucrats such as Tu are responsible for educating the citizens of the nation. Why wouldn't Pan Blue voices criticize Tu senior for failing to properly educate his own son?

Not to mention the editors of the Taipei Times, who don't even know the difference between the adverb "too" and the preposition "to."

See the screenshot of the Taipei Times editorial above.

The Taiwan independence nomenklatura devotes so much time and energy to indoctrinating the Chinese people on Taiwan with a "Taiwanese, not Chinese" ethnic consciousness, it has left many of them ignorant not only of Chinese history, but even the spelling of the simplest of English words.

The Taipei Times editorial struggles mightily to justify Minister of Education Tu's Goebbelsian program of ben tu hua, which is nominally harmless "localization" but is in fact de-Sinicization.

Ironically it succeeds in doing just the opposite. It winds up being yet another illustration of what's wrong with the Taiwan independence movement's value system and policy priorities.

Or am I making "to" much fuss over rampant illiteracy under Pan Green misrule, which cares only about transforming Chinese people on Taiwan into "Stepford citizens?"

Taipei Times: The storm does bring to light a few interesting issues.

Comment: It certainly does, in a way the Taipei Times never intended.

In case you thought ignorance of Chinese history and the English language was confined to Taiwan independence True Believers, for whom English is often a second language, think again.

Here's a screenshot of the website of a Taiwan independence fellow traveler, whose "writings" I have occasionally come across.

Anti-Hypocricy? [sic] What about Anti-illiteracy?

Perhaps this meddlesome bearer of the "White Man's burden" ought to devote more effort to fighting his own illiteracy than to fighting other peoples' alleged "hypocricy."

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