Thursday, June 07, 2007

China's Rise is a Fact. How will Taiwan Cope?

Caption: China's rise is a fact. How will Taiwan cope?

On June 7, 2007 a local Taiwan television talk show asked its guests a question: "China's rise is a fact. How will Taiwan cope?"

The fact that it would ask such a patently absurd question shows that much of the intelligentsia on Taiwan is pretty far gone. Bear in mind I'm not talking only about Deep Green Taiwan independence fundamentalists such as Trong Chai. I'm not even talking about Pale Green "liberal democrats" such as Hu Chung-hsing. I'm talking about any number of Pale Blue talking heads. Out of pity I will not identify them by name.

Let me put it this way. Say you live in San Francisco, and an American television talk show asks the question: "Silicon Valley's rise is a fact. How will San Francisco cope?"

Wouldn't you do you a double take? Wouldn't you respond, "What kind of idiotic question is that? Why is Silicon Valley's rise a problem that San Francisco must cope with? Silicon Valley is an integral part of California. Silicon Valley's rise is a benefit to all of California, including the entire Bay Area, including San Francisco. What the hell are you talking about?"

Of course you would.

By the same token, any right thinking citizen of the ROC living in the Taiwan region of China would respond, "
What kind of idiotic question is that? Why is the rise of the mainland region of China a problem that Taiwan must cope with? The rise of the mainland is a benefit to all of China, including the Taiwan region of China. What the hell are you talking about?"

Taiwan is part of China. That does not mean it is ruled by the current government in Beijing. Being ruled by the government in Beijing is not synonymous with being part of China.
Like Germany before German reunification, China has two governments. One government of China is located in Beijing. The other government of China is located in Taipei. The Taiwan region of China is ruled by the government of China located in Taipei.

The rise of China is not a problem that Taiwan must "cope with." It is a positive development that Chinese people living in the Taiwan region of China will benefit from and ought to celebrate.
The question the organizers of the show should have asked is "[Mainland] China's rise is a fact. How will Taiwan benefit and celebrate?" The fact that it didn't, reveals how lost the intelligentsia on Taiwan is, even many Pan Blues.

The fact that even a Pale Blue oriented television network such as TVBS would
ask: "China's rise is a fact. How will Taiwan cope?" shows that much of the intelligentsia on Taiwan has already been successfully indoctrinated with Taiwan independence Political Correctness.

Joyce C. Huang is a renowned native Taiwanese author and political commentator. She is the "Sophie Scholl of Taiwan." As Huang and I have pointed out in our writings, Taiwan today is in many respects like Germany in the 1930s.

Just as even "Good Germans" bought into Nazi propaganda in the 1930s, so even "Good Taiwanese" have bought into Pan Green Hoklo fascist propaganda over the past decade. And just as Germany eventually needed a "de-Nazification" program to restore it to normality, so one day Taiwan will need a "de-Nativization" program to restore it to normality.


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    I absolutely love your blog.

  2. I'm absolutely grateful for your praise!

  3. By the way, be sure to check out my newest blog, "Dateline Taipei." Click the link to "Introduction to Dateline Taipei" in the right hand margin. Dateline Taipei is not original writing. It consists of English translations of Pan Blue oriented op ed pieces, translated by myself. Bear in mind that I do not necessarily endorse these op ed pieces, as even the Pan Blue oriented media has begun to lose its political compass.

  4. Bevin, I love your blog too, and I 200% agree with your definition of the Divided China problem. It is a nice counterweight against all the foreign TI supporters, like Michael Turton. How do they dare to steal Taiwan from us, or to separate Taiwan from the rest of China? We need to fight it, as we are all Chinese.

  5. Dear zhj,

    The presumption of these latter day colonialists is laughable. They need to get a clue. The era when these pompous Colonel Blimps can lord over the "Wogs" is long past. Never make the mistake of accepting their premises when you argue with them. Never respond by defending against their presumptuous criticisms of your nation. Always remember that they have no right to criticize in the first place. What happens in foreign countries is none of their damned business. In the movie "Gandhi," Mohandas Gandhi, played by Ben Kingsley, tells the British occupiers: "If you will excuse me, Your Excellency, it is our view that matters have gone beyond legislation. We think it is time you recognized that you are masters in someone else's home. Despite the best intentions of the best of you, you must, in the nature of things, humiliate us to control us. General Dyer is but an extreme example of the principle. It is time you left." And so it is with these latter day colonialists. It is time they left.