Monday, July 10, 2006

China Desk Weblog Comment Policy

As of today The China Desk will cease posting reader comments.

Otherwise The China Desk will remain the same as it has for the past decade.

As long time readers of The China Desk know, the reader comments feature provided by is something new for The China Desk. Therefore discontinuing the reader comments feature is actually a return to the norm for The China Desk.

The reason for this return is time. Responding to fatuous (vacuously, smugly, and unconsciously foolish) Taiwan independence trollers, on a one on one basis, is simply not worth the author's limited time.

Time is life, and life is much too short and far too precious to squander in such a manner.

The time that would have been wasted responding to Taiwan independence trollers will instead be devoted to future articles on Sino-US and cross-Straits relations, in the hope that most if not all readers will find them worthwhile.

The author of The China Desk trusts that his anti-interventionist, anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist comrades share his feelings about frivolous trolling by Taiwan independence Quislings and Taiwan independence fellow travelers, and will approve of his latest measure.


Bevin Chu

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