Friday, July 28, 2006

Deep Green Academics, Ideas have Consequences!

Deep Green Academics, Ideas have Consequences!
Bevin Chu
July 28, 2006

Deep Green Academics reiterate their Demand that "President" Chen Shui-bian step down

The following article from the Taipei Times contains a sobering lesson for the Deep Green academics mentioned in my previous weblog entry, Deep Green Academics want a Fuhrer with a Cleaner Image.

That lesson is: "Ideas have consequences."

Specifically, these Deep Green academics' own immoral ideas have had disastrous long term consequences, not only for society at large, but even for the Deep Green academics' own narrow agenda.

The problem is not that these Deep Green academics' recent criticisms of Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and their fellow Taiwan independence True Believers are wrong.

The Deep Green academics' recent criticisms of Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and their fellow Taiwan independence True Believers are unquestionably right.

The problem is that these Deep Green academics were among those who consciously dealt Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and the Taiwan independence movement their trump card -- morally repugnant but politically effective "Taiwanese, not Chinese" identity politics.

The Deep Green academics' "Taiwanese, not Chinese" identity politics are the Teflon talisman Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and other members of the Taiwan independence movement have wielded against charges of malfeasance from the Pan Blue camp for nearly two decades.

For the past 18 years, any and all charges of ruling Pan Green regime wrongdoing have been cavalierly dismissed, at best as "Pan Blue partisanship," and at worst as "mainlander pigs' refusing to allow downtrodden native Taiwanese their day in the sun."

This Taiwanese version of the race card amounts to a no limit Platinum Card, one that Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and the Taiwan independence have swiped to the limit.

[Note: Lee Teng-hui was not a Pan Blue politician. Lee Teng-hui was a Pan Green politician in Pan Blue sheep's clothing. Pan Green rule began with Lee Teng-hui's first term as ROC president. The KMT under Lee Teng-hui is sometimes referred to facetiously as the "tai wan guo min dang," or "Taiwan KMT," rather than the "zhong guo guo min dang" or "Chinese KMT". Former KMT Chairman Lien Chan, to his everlasting credit, restored the KMT to its rightful role as China's KMT.]

The Deep Green academics' own morally reprehensible "Taiwanese, not Chinese" identity politics are what have allowed Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and the Taiwan independence movement to ignore the Deep Green academics' belated appeals to the better angels of their nature.

Thanks to these Deep Green academics, Chen Shui-bian, the DPP, and the Taiwan independence movement long ago turned a deaf ear to the better angels of their nature.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the Deep Green academics' ideological chickens have come home to roost.

The Deep Green academics' Viktor Frankenstein monster, Hoklo Chauvinist fascism, is running amok in the countryside, ignoring the moral appeals of its creator.

Published on TaipeiTimes
Pan-green academics call again for Chen's resignation
Thursday, July 27, 2006

A group of pan-green academics who created a stir earlier this month by demanding President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) resignation launched a second salvo yesterday, saying in a statement that 20,000 people supported their petition and that Chen's response to their appeal had been disappointing.

The academics said that they regretted that Chen had not resigned in the wake of their first public statement on July 15, and that Chen had since then failed to offer any solution to the fundamental problem with his continued leadership, which was the collapse of public trust.

In their statement, the pan-green academics also criticized the leaders of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for lacking the stamina and imagination to work out a new vision for the nation's future.

"Only by developing an energetic and independent civil society can we improve the country's democracy," the group's statement said. "Only picky people can promote a better-quality political party."

The press conference was held at the Machangting (馬場町), a former execution ground for political prisoners adjacent to Youth Park, to highlight the fact that the DPP has not sufficiently dealt with the issue of transitional justice, according to the chief convener of the group Fan Yun (范雲), associate professor at National Taiwan University.

Political scientist Wu Rwei-ren (吳叡人) said that building civil society and promoting recognition for Taiwan was the only way out for the country. Wu said the DPP should prepare itself to be the opposition party for a long time, because it had forfeited the opportunity to write a new constitution for the country.

Attorney Lo Bing-cheng (羅秉成), who served as Chen's defense attorney in the lawsuit over the vote recount after the 2004 presidential election, said yesterday that Chen had destroyed the public's trust in the rule of law because of his convoluted and ambiguous excuses for the SOGO voucher scandal and his son-in-law's alleged involvement in corruption.

"Now that President Chen has stubbornly defied the recall drive, why doesn't he just leave office and fight to prove his and his family's innocence and protect his family's reputation? `So, Go,' please!" Lo said.


  1. The DPP is the worlds first political party thats 100% run by children.- Its the happy "Children's Party"!

    Hey kids! Lets play stupid referendum!

    Then we all sit down with our bologna sandwiches for recess.
    Then its nap time for the kids, while the KMT "grown ups" come back!

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  2. Very astute analysis. The Taiwan independence movement is indeed a psychologically immature political movement. Taiwan independence zealots have a deep rooted inferiority complex about being Chinese. They desperately hope to disassociate themselves from China, the former "Sick Man of Asia." But instead of dedicating themselves to the challenging task of improving the image of the Chinese people through hard work, they prefer instant gratification and short cuts. They imagine they can gain instant respect by artificially redefining themselves as "Taiwanese, not Chinese." They remind me of nothing so much as adolescents who desperately crave peer approval, and who think their parents, who gave birth to them and raised them, are "so uncool." Such a political movement has no future.