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Millions for Defense, but not One Cent for Tribute!

Millions for Defense, but not One Cent for Tribute!
Bevin Chu
October 25, 2006

The following news story from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur reveals why steadfast Pan Blue legislators are absolutely right to reject the extortionate "arms purchase" being rammed down the throats of ROC taxpayers by AIT Director Stephen Young, the Gauleiter of Taiwan.

After all, the illegal Chen regime squatting in the ROC Presidential Palace has no intention whatsoever of using any of the weapons purchased for the defense of either the province of Taiwan or the Republic of China as a whole.

Just look at how the treasonous Chen Shui-bian regime and the Lee Teng-hui regime before it have reacted to Japan's continuing attempts to annex Diaoyutai.

Diaoyutai is an uninhabited Chinese islet off the northern coast of Taiwan.

Regardless of whether one is a Pan Blue patriot who understands that Taiwan is an indivisible part of China, or a Pan Green Quisling who entertains pipe dreams of an independent "Republic of Taiwan," one thing is beyond dispute: Diaoyutai is an indivisible part of Taiwan.

Diaoyutai Islands, Yilan County, Province of Taiwan, Republic of China

Whether one considers Taiwan to be a province, or whether one considers Taiwan to be a nation ought to be irrelevant to the defense of Diaoyutai. Diaoyutai is part of Taiwan regardless of whether one considers Taiwan a province or a nation. It is enough that Diaoyutai is part of Yilan County, and Yilan County is an integral part of Taiwan.

But not only is the pusillanimous Chen regime not willing to defend Taiwan's territory from creeping Japanese annexation, it is forcibly preventing Chinese patriots from Taiwan, Hongkong, and the Chinese mainland from defending Taiwan's territory at their own expense!

What does a puppet regime as contemptible and useless as this need weapons for? Any kind of weapons?

Diaoyutai and Pan Green Self-delusion

Let's face it, US government demands that ROC taxpayers make extortionately priced "weapons purchases" from US defense contractors, are nothing more than Mafia demands for protection money.

What makes these US government demands even more outrageous than demands from the Mafia, is that the US government apparently has no intention of providing Taiwan any protection in return. At least with the Mafia, you actually get some degree of protection for your money. With Uncle Sam, you get zip.

Certainly Uncle Sam has no intention of providing Taiwan with any protection against Japan, Taiwan's covetous neighbor to the north. Uncle Sam needs the cooperation of an increasingly militaristic Japan far more than it needs the cooperation of pusillanimous Taiwan independence Quislings. Therefore who cares if Japan annexes Taiwan's sovereign territory at gunpoint? It's no skin off Uncle Sam's ass.

At this point, an old slogan comes to mind:

"Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!"

Sound familiar?

It ought to. This resounding slogan represented America's proudly defiant attitude during the Quasi-War, an undeclared naval war fought entirely at sea between the United States and France between 1798 and 1800, when France attempted to make similar extortionate demands upon the young nation of America.

Ironically, it now represents the proudly defiant attitude of KMT, NP, and PFP legislators in the ROC Legislature in the face of similar extortionate demands from the US Military Industrial Complex.

Asia-Pacific News
Taiwan accused of blocking protest over Japan's occupying islands
By DPA - Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Oct 25, 2006, 19:00 GMT

Taipei - A Taiwan activist on Wednesday accused the Taiwan government of blocking a sea protest against Japan's occupation of a group of disputed islets under Tokyo's pressure.

Jin Chieh-shou said Taiwan, under pressure from Japan, has blocked a boat carrying 26 Hong Kong activists from entering Taiwan ports for repair and replenishment on its way to the Diaoyu islets.

The Taiwan government has also barred some 100 Taiwan activists from renting 10 fishing boats to sail to the Diaoyutai islets, forcing them to rent a private yacht, which can only carry 10 activists, to make the voyage.

'Authorities have told all of Taiwan's 34 ports not to lease fishing boats to us, apparently under pressure from the Japanese government,' Jin said.

But Jin said the sea protest against Japan's occupying the Diaoyu islets will go ahead, unless the weather is bad and the sea becomes choppy.

'The Hong Kong boat is anchored off Keelung, north-east Taiwan. We will send food and water and spare parts for its engine and pump which have broken down. When the weather improves, we will set sail for Diaoyu islets,' he said.

Known as Senkaku Islands by the Japanese and Diaoyo Islands by the Chinese, the islets lie 120 nautical miles north-east of Taiwan and 130 nautical miles south-west of Okinawa.

The US, which ruled the islands after World War II, handed them over to Japanese control in 1972.

Since then, China, Taiwan and Japan have been fighting over the islands. Beijing and Taipei say they have been part of Chinese territory since ancient times, while Tokyo claims them as Japanese.

The upcoming Defend Diaoyu Island Action will mark the 10th anniversary of the drowning of Hong Kong activist Chan Yuk-cheung.

Chan, 45, drowned near islands on September 26, 1996, after jumping into the sea in defiance of Japanese patrol boats blocking a ship carrying activists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong bound for the islands.

The action is also to protest the Japanese government's 'nationalizing' of a lighthouse on the islands which was built by a Japanese rightist group a dozen years ago as a declaration of Japan's control of the island. The Hong Kong and Taiwan activists plan to land on the Diaoyu islets and stage a hunger strike to protest Japan's occupation of the islands.

Among the 26 activists on the Hong Kong boat is an activist from China and a Chinese activist from Canada.

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