Thursday, October 12, 2006

Siege of the City Music Videos

Siege of the City Music Videos
Bevin Chu
October 11, 2006

Shih Ming-teh leads the Siege of the City

An old Chinese expression notes that "A picture is worth a thousand words."

By logical extension, "A moving picture is worth a million words."

The following music videos of the September 15, 2006 Siege of the City demonstration by the "Red Shirt Army" convey a sense of the atmosphere of the event far more eloquently than words can ever hope to. For anyone wondering what the event was all about, watch the videos.

Music Video 1

Music Video 1 is set to O Fortuna, from Carl Orff's earthy and rousing cantata, Carmina Burana. The English titles need a final edit by a native English speaker, but don't let the Chinglish spoil your enjoyment of an otherwise skilfully made video

Music Video 2
Music Video 3

Music Video 2 and Music Video 3 are set to 紅花雨 Hong Hua Yu "Red Blossom Rain," a popular song which has become the anthem for the "Topple Chen" movement.

[traditional Chinese] by 小蟲 Xiao Chong, 洪宇 Hong Yu
Music by 小蟲 Xiao Chong, Johnny Chen
Vocals by 趙詠華 Zhao Yonghua, 胡德夫 Hu Defu

紅花開 紅的心 紅的好美麗
為了你 等下去 我還在這裡
人不再 錯花季 雲濃月怎明
傷了心 不離棄 落成紅花雨
花若開 若有你 花才會美麗
盼望你 回頭看 我還在這裡

記得你 那一天 紅紅的眼睛
你的臉 你身影 笑容隨你去
在一起 流眼淚 一起看星星
能有幸 能相遇 永遠不忘記
漂著雨 迎著風 雨過盼風清
你牢記 我牢記 家就在這裡

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