Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chen Chin-chu, In Memoriam

Chen Chin-chu, In Memoriam
Bevin Chu
June 05, 2006

Rights are never lost; they are surrendered
-- Chen Chin-chu 陳金珠 (1962-2006)

Chen Chin-chu's older sister protests her tragic and suspicious death

Caption: Chen Chin-chu [protests the 319 shooting hoax] at People's Square

Chen Chin-chu's fellow protestors

Another of Chen Chin-chu's fellow protestors (Note: the flag in this photo was deliberately inverted as a political statement, to indicate that the nation was in distress)

Caption: Chen Chin-chu shows bruises from police manhandling at People's Square

Caption: Female Pan Blue protestor's dead body turns up at Taipei City Hall. Questions abound.

Caption: Chen Chin-chu's body being lowered by a rope to be shipped out

Third floor balcony at Taipei City Hall where Chen's body was found

Third floor balcony at Taipei City Hall where Chen's body was found

Third floor balcony at Taipei City Hall where Chen's body was found

Caption: When Miss Chen Chin-chu's body was found, it was so badly decomposed bones were visible and removal of her body left a clear impression

Caption: Diagram of where Chen's body was found at Taipei City Hall

Banner: Woman patriot dies right on top of Ma Ying-jeou's head. Was she protesting Ma's weakness? Or was it politically motivated murder? Press conference convened by ROC Legislator Joanna Lei (KMT/NP) and Taipei City Councilmen Hou Kuan-chung (NP) and Lee Ching-yuan (NP)

Pan Blue supporters protest on behalf of Chen Chin-chu in front of the Presidential Palace

Caption: Chen Chin-chu's family members toss white flowers in protest

Caption: Chen Chin-chu's body turns up at Taipei City Hall. Family members protest in front of Renai Police Precinct Station

Chen Chin-chu's sister talks to PFP Chairman James Soong

Protest banner: Public outrage. Ruling party corruption and oppression. Opposition party weakness and impotence. Remembering Chin-chu, heroine of the nation

Photo caption: Miss Chen Chin-chu, Patriot and Martyr
Protest signs: Justice for Chin-chu. Chin-chu's spirit lives on

Protest sign: Chen Chin-chu's spirit remains


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Some people just need to move on.

  2. "Some people just need to move on."

    I like that. Something to tell Sean Su's sister, wife, or daughter if someone who rapes one of them gets away scot free.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I did a search online for additional information regarding this case. As details are sparse, it's tempting though wrong and premature to jump to conclusions suggesting that this death was a murder rather than a suicide. Unfounded allegations, and hints of allegations (rather than those directly stated), hurt rather than help the cause of those making them. Honestly, as tragic as this case is, IMO it is unlikely that there is some nefarious governmenta plot against her for the simple reason that she's too small a "fish" for would-be conspirators to fry.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    "Some people just need to move on."

    Is this the voice of Taiwan independence? Forget the truth and justice part, move along, nothing to see here.

  5. Dear la,

    This is the same heartless way they deal with the poor "comfort women" abducted and raped by their Japanese masters. And these poor women weren't even "mainlanders."

    If they feel this little compassion for "native Taiwanese" women, so-called, imagine how little compassion they feel for the mainland women murdered during the Rape of Nanking?

    Taiwan independence bigots do such a good job of discrediting the Taiwan independence movement on their own, we hardly need to refute them.


  6. Bevin, I certainly didn't write that comment.

    However it isn't the first time someone comes to your site, shocked to find that someone posing as them has written a link on your page.

    Considering its happened quite a few times to quite a few people, I wouldn't be surprised if its just you trolling around.

  7. In the political realm, there are basically two types of people.

    One type is "people oriented." This type of person believes in people vs. people struggles. Victory means that one person as opposed to another person has won.

    The other type is "idea oriented." This type of person believes in idea vs. idea struggles. Victory means that one idea as opposed to another idea has won.

    As long time readers of the China Desk know full well, the China Desk is firmly in the latter category.

    Knowing this, the China Desk is confident long time readers will draw the correct conclusions about accusations of dirty tricks leveled at this blog.

    That is all the time and energy I am willing to waste on such utterly pointless matters.

    -- Bevin Chu