Friday, May 02, 2008

Backtalk: China's Claims to Tibet have Greater Validity than US Claims to California

Backtalk: China's Claims to Tibet have Greater Validity than US Claims to California
May 1, 2008

Hello Mr. Chu:

I read your thought-provoking "China's Claims to Tibet have Greater Validity than US Claims to California." Below are some linked articles that critique the Western media coverage of the Tibetan riots/Olympics protests and expose the geopolitical designs that are being pushed by the USA and its allies.

These articles are really an eye-opener and contradict much of what the Mainstream 'free press' depicts. The and German-Foreign-Policy-com pieces are especially insightful.

In fact, the Western media's coverage was so disingenous that some Chinese students started a website to counter them:

D. Paik

Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

China and America: The Tibet Human Rights PsyOp

Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots

Operations Against China

The Olympic Torch Relay Campaign

The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama's Holy Cloak

Tibet: Will the USA Launch a New Secret War “Under the Roof of the World”?

Chinese Tibet and European political performances

Trouble in Tibet

Behind the anti-China Olympics campaign

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    It's quite amazing how effective western propaganda is.

    We've got so many people supporting two hypocritical, racist, backward, and hopeless independence movements, of Taiwan and Tibet.

    But let's talk about Tibet here. It's really strange how the Dalai Lama is this great authority on democracy and peace, yet he was once a high-ranking aristocrat in a feudalist, slavery system that committed human rights abuses far worse than which the PRC has been accused.

    I found it especially ironic that Elie Wiesel would meet with the Dalai Lama after reading your article "The Dalai Lama's Politics of Race", October 16, 1999. I highly agree with your article, that the underlying messages of the Tibet independence movement are racism, and American and/or western supremacy in world affairs (like divide and conquer).

    The Dalai Lama is probably not the direct cause of the more violent Tibet independence protests and riots. But whoever orchestrated the violence will definitely use the Dalai Lama as an excuse (as in, "We support the Dalai Lama's cause, therefore the whole thing is justified"), and all of a sudden it would be justified in westerners' eyes, because the western governments do not dare to contradict the Dalai lama.

    I have a friend who apparently believes that the rioters in Lhasa were "liberators". Many sources say that the rioters were targeting "Chinese" buildings and people - that is incorrect. The ethnic term "Chinese" encompasses far more than the Han Chinese. It would have been more accurate to say that the rioters were targeting anything and anyone "non-Tibetan". I heard that ethnic Uyghurs and Huis (in westerners' eyes, they are often not considered "Chinese"), and Muslim mosques were targeted in the attacks.

    However, the western media still portrays the rioters as "liberators" who support democracy, freedom, human rights, peace, and all the usual stuff. They may concentrate only on the rioters' dislike of the "Communist" government. So many westerners know that "communism is bad, the Chinese [sic] government is communist, and communism deserves to be destroyed", right?

    But fighting against one form of "bad" government does not automatically mean that the fighters are right to do so. Hitler was a fascist, belonging to one form of "bad" government, and he fought the communists, belonging to another form of "bad" government. In this case, the fighters belong to a government where 5-10% of the people hold 100%of the power, and the other 90-95% of the people are their slaves. But which major western media source would want to tell you that?

    It's really been an eye-opening experience in the wake of the riots, as I see that so much of the western media, so many "human rights" groups, "democracy" groups, "free speech" groups, are really movements run by the US government to further cement a US-run world.

    Of course, they wouldn't ever focus on the absolutely massive human rights violations in Iraq. That would weaken America's grip on the world.

    America is already the most powerful country in the world. But we look at their people, and we often stereotype them as uneducated. In an ironic twist, CBS interviewed several Americans who supported Tibet independence, and found that they didn't even know where Tibet is.

    So this is the process and result of keeping the US in power. Print vague/misleading/unsubstantiated/incorrect statements in the major media outlets, discourage/prevent the people from learning the whole story, and human nature does the rest in preserving America's power.